3 Things To Know About Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Most people do not look forward to dying, yet it is something that you cannot avoid. If you are alive, you will eventually die, and you might want to start thinking about that by pre-planning your funeral. You can pre-plan a funeral at any age and doing this is a great idea. As you start thinking about it, here are three things to know about pre-planning a funeral.

1. Reasons to Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Pre-planning a funeral is a great idea for many reasons. One reason is to relieve your family of making decisions when you die. When you pass away, your family will likely feel sad, numb, and depressed. Being forced to plan a funeral under these circumstances is never easy. If you make most of the decisions ahead of time, your family will not have to worry about completing these steps.

Secondly, pre-planning your funeral allows you to make all the decisions. As a result, you can have the type of funeral you want and be laid to rest in the way you desire. Finally, pre-planning your funeral provides a chance for you to save some money. If you pay for it now, it will likely cost less than it will when you die. Also, paying for it now prevents your family from having to figure out how to cover the costs.

2. Things to Include in Your Plan

You can include many things in your plan, and the funeral home can provide a checklist to help you know what decisions to make. For example, you should include the location of the funeral, the type of service you want, and the way you want them to handle your body. You can also include your desires for music, flowers, and donations. You can even make other requests for your service, body, or anything else. You can also gather photos to use in a slideshow if this is something you want.

3. You Should Update Your Estate Plan to Reflect These Things

After pre-planning your funeral, you might want to visit your estate planning attorney to update your estate plan. The purpose of this is to make sure your estate plan reflects your funeral plans.

You can visit a funeral home to learn more about pre-planning your funeral. They can give you a checklist of things to think about and decisions to make. When you are ready to make your plan, you can visit the funeral home to complete it.

For more information, contact a service like Conboy-Westchester Funeral Home Inc.

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